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While saying “Yes” to the most beautiful moment in your life, you will experience the privilege of being a bride of Belma Ateş, just like thousands of brides. We are waiting for all our bride candidates to Belma Ateş Wedding Dresses to be with you in your most important moments. Since the day we opened, we have been working with excitement and enthusiasm on the first day and sharing your happiness. We offer many traditional, modern and stylish wedding dresses to our guests. Every day, we follow the technology of the age and renew ourselves constantly. You can be sure that an expert staff will accompany you to offer you our quality products, to perform your rehearsal and meet all your wishes until you leave our business. With this staff, we have printed our name on many special days until today. We are proud to see Belma Ateş wedding dresses on our dazzling brides. Apart from the wedding dress types we offer, you can make a wedding dress from scratch and show your difference. You can contact us for the wedding dress models you have dreamed of, and you can sew a private provocative or rehearsal wedding dress. We guarantee that there will be no disruption to these dates when the wedding day is approaching. We deliver your wedding dress on time. We also offer special sprays to keep your wedding dress on your wedding day. It operates in Belma Ates Modaevi Gazi Boulevard, located in Çankaya, the center of Izmir. You can come to our business with both your private vehicles and public transportation vehicles such as buses, subways and trams. We open our doors at 9 in the morning and offer an uninterrupted service until 8 in the evening. You can choose us anytime between these hours. All you have to do is contact us in advance. In this way, we can make an appointment according to our suitable dates and when you come to our business, we can bring together a superior service. Belma Ates